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Our mission

Thermal Spray Centre (CPT) specialises in all kind of services related to thermal spray technologies as an integral part of surface engineering. Phenomena such as corrosion and wear take place on materials surfaces. The protection and surface properties modifications are therefore powerful tools in modern engineering.

Thermal Spray Technologies represent solutions to improve, modify and functionalize surface properties of the materials via the application of coatings. Its versatility makes it possible to apply almost any type of material onto almost any type of substrate, without thermal affectation of the substrate and with no limitations on pieces size.

CPT keeps in contact with the companies and provides them with innovative solutions and protection due to the increasing demand of higher durability of components in harsh conditions.


CPT´s philosophy research is based on the integral and interdisciplinary convergence of technologies, processes and materials used in thermal spray.  

CPT combines research and technological transfer to implement the thermal spray coatings in the design process and on the production line, for the design of new materials and the evaluation of layers via the analysis of structures and properties, as well as advanced scientific methods, such as the application of standard industrial methodologies.