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HYDROBOND - Celebrates the Kick-off meeting

CPT coordinates the European project HYDROBOND aimed to develop, until 2017, superhydrophobic coatings to obtain off-shore turbines more powerful, efficient and reliable than those currently used.

The project’s kick-off meeting will take place on 31st January and 1st February at the Finca Pedro Pons of the University of Barcelona (Avinguda Tibidabo, 25, Barcelona)

The event will be attended by the representatives of the European Union and the partners of the project. Prof. Jordi Alberch, vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer of University of Barcelona, was invited to join the event.

The project is part of the VII European Framework of the European Union, is composed by eight partners: five companies and three research centers, from four European countries (Spain, Finland, Germany and Italy) and has a budget of 4.2 million euros.

The main objective of the project HYDROBOND (NEW COST-EFFECTIVE SUPERHYDROPHOBIC COATINGS WITH ENHANCED BOND STRENGTH AND WEAR RESISTANCE FOR APPLICATION IN LARGE WIND TURBINE BLADES) is to develop a highly innovative process for the application of superhydrophobic coatings onto turbine blades over 90 m long. These longer blades will be used in off-shore wind turbines; these coatings aim at guaranteeing the correct operation of the blades in environments in which ice, corrosive and humid, significantly reducing production time, cost and environmental impact.

Another objective of HYDROBOND is to construct lighter larger wind turbines, avoiding the needs of heavier active anti-icing methods which, currently, are expensive and not really efficient.
The results of the project will also transfer knowledge to other industries of small-medium wind turbines, onshore wind energy, aeronautics or the maritime sector.